Epiphan Webcaster X2

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Webcaster X2

  • The easiest way to live stream to Facebook, YouTube, and more

  • Live streaming shouldn’t be complicated! Epiphan Webcaster X2™ is a dedicated encoder designed from the ground-up for live streaming to your favorite social media platform, making streaming a breeze. Pair your device once with your accounts and it remembers your settings for all future streams.

  • Video inputs    Connectors    (1) HDMI™ (1) USB
    *you can connect one USB camera or USB audio device that is UAC plug-and-play (beta). Interlaced video signals and PAL are not supported
    Input resolutions: HDMI    720p (30 or 60 Hz / fps)
    1080p (30 or 60 Hz / fps)
    *only these input types are supported. Interlaced video signals, PAL and other frame rates not supported
    Input resolutions: USB    720p (30 or 60 Hz / fps)
    *Interlaced video signals, PAL and other frame rates not supported
  • Audio input    Embedded HDMI audio at 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz (firmware 2.5 or higher needed for 48 kHz support), or
    (1) USB audio device that is UAC plug-and-play (beta)
    USB audio (beta) feature for plug-and-play UAC devices
  • Local video output    Connectors    (1) HDMI out with audio for local video display or confidence monitoring
  • Audio output    Embedded HDMI audio
  • Streaming output    Destinations    YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, Switchboard Cloud, StreamingChurch.tv, Blue Frame, BabyFlix, BeLive (choose one)
  • Codec    H.264
  • Video bit rates    Default: 2000 kbps
    Configurable: 1000 kbps, 2000 kpps, 3000 kbps, 4000 kbps, or 8000 kbps Note: By default each Webcaster X2 you connect to your network needs a constant uplink bandwidth of up to 2 Mbps. You can use popular internet speed tests to determine the peak bandwidth you have available, but be cautious with this value as other people and devices, including voice over IP phone systems, can use a significant portion of your available uplink.
  • Key frame interval    2 s
  • Max frame rate    30 fps
  • Color space    4:2:0
  • Output frame size    Default 720p at 30 fps (1280×720), supports up to 1080p at 30 fps (1920×1080)
  • Audio encoding    Audio codecs    Encoder    Bitrate    Sample frequencies
    AAC    128 kbps    44 kHz
  • Network interfaces    Connector    (1) Ethernet RJ45 Wi-Fi    2.4 GHz 802.11 b/g/n
  • Storage
    (with AV Studio only)    External    V30 or U3 class microSDHC card with a minimum of 4 GB available capacity (user supplied - default)
        Tested microSDHC cards
    SanDisk Extreme
    Samsung EVO
    FAT32 formatted USB 3.0 memory stick (user supplied)
    Internal    12 GB
  • Administration    Front panel LCD screen
    HDMI OUT port for HDMI monitor support for additional configuration
    (3) USB ports for USB mouse, keyboard, and BETA USB camera feature
    Note: the AV, TF (SD card), and Optical audio ports on Webcaster X2 are not used
    Product dimensions    4.625″ × 4.875″ × 1″ (117 mm x 124 mm x 25 mm) plus antenna
    Max operating temperature    35°C
    Product weight    0.6 lbs (0.272 kg)
    Country of origin    Made in China
    What's in the box    (1) Webcaster X2
    (1) WiFi antenna
    (1) HDMI cable
    (1) Ethernet cable
    (1) 5 VDC, 3 A universal AC/DC power adapter