HIOKI PW8001 8ch

Data sheet


Fisa tehnica

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Caracteristici principale / Specificatii

  • Industry highest power accuracy of ± 0.01% of reading + 0.02% of range at 50/60 Hz
  • The modular 8-power channel configuration provides ultimate flexibility in testing such as for evaluating EV dual-inverter drive train systems.
  • Input module U7001 offers a 1500 V DC CAT II range, providing a unique solution for high power Solar Power Conditioner development.
  • Input module U7005 offers a sampling frequency of 15 MHz and 18-bit A/D conversion resulting in extremely accurate measurement and waveform reproducibility.
  • Automatic phase shift correction function to guarantee accurate reactor/transformer loss measurement at high switching frequencies.
  • An excessive range of industry leading current sensors, from 20 A up to 2000 A, provide the right solution for every application.
  • CMRR of 120 dB or more @100kHz (power analyzer) and industry-leading CMRR for our current sensors guarantee excellent noise reduction
  • CAN or CAN FD interface option makes system integration like HILS easier