Osciloscop Tektronix MDO32 3-BW-200, 200MHz - 58% Discount!

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3 series MDO32 3-BW-200 BLACK FRIDAY PROMOTION, VALID FOR ORDERS RECEIVED BETWEEN November 27th and December 4th, 2020. PRE ORDER NOW!


Mixed Domain Oscilloscope: 2 Analog Channels, 200 MHz Bandwidth for analog channels, spectrum analyzer input frequency range from 9 kHz to 1 GHz and capture bandwidth to 1 GHz

Product description

Typical applications

Embedded design and IoT
Discover and solve issues quickly by performing system level debug on mixed signal embedded systems including today's most common serial
bus technologies with the 3 Series MDO and support for a broad set of common serial buses.

Power design
Make reliable and repeatable voltage, current, and power measurements using automated power quality, switching loss, harmonics, ripple, modulation, and safe operating area measurements with the widest selection of power probes in an affordable solution.

Managing multiple instruments on a bench can be troublesome. The 3 Series MDO combines analog, digital, and RF measurements with a signal source in a single, small (5.9 in., 149 mm deep) instrument. The combination of a small instrument and high level of integration aids in the teaching of various electronics principles as well as in its usage for more sophisticated lab experiments. Full upgradeability enables adding functionality over time as needs change or budgets allow.

Manufacturing Test and Troubleshooting
Size and space constraints can play havoc on a manufacturing floor. The 3 Series MDO minimizes rack or bench space by integrating multiple instruments into one small package. Integration reduces cost associated with utilizing multiple different instrument types in manufacturing test or troubleshooting stations.

Service Installation and Maintenance
Having the right instruments when and where you need them is critical. The 3 Series MDO combines analog waveforms, digital logic, and spectrum analysis in a lightweight (11.7 lbs, 5.3 kg), portable package - making it the perfect choice where space is limited and flexibility is desired.

Key performance specifications

    2 analog channels
    200 MHz bandwidth
    Bandwidth is upgradable (up to 1 GHz)
    Up to 5 GS/s sample rate
    10 M record length on all channels
    >280,000 wfm/s maximum waveform capture rate
    Standard passive voltage probes with 3.9 pF capacitive loading and 250 MHz or 500 MHz analog bandwidth

Spectrum Analyzer (optional)

    Frequency range: 9 kHz - 1 GHz standard, 9kHz - 3 GHz with option TEK-3-SA3
    Ultra-wide capture bandwidth 1 Ghz standard, with option up to 3 GHz

Arbitrary Function Generator (optional)

    13 predefined waveform types
    50 MHz waveform generation
    128 k arbitrary generator record length
    250 MS/s arbitrary generator sample rate

Digital Channels (optional)

    16 digital channels
    10 M record length on all channels
    121.2 ps timing resolution

Serial Bus Decode, Triggering and Search (optional)

    Serial bus support for I2C, SPI, RS-232/422/485/UART, USB 2.0, CAN, CAN FD, LIN, FlexRay, MIL-STD-1553, ARINC429, and Audio standards

Digital Voltmeter / Frequency Counter (Free with product registration)

    4-digit DC, AC RMS, and DC+AC RMS voltage measurements
    5-digit frequency measurements