Starter Series iPad Straight-Read Prompter

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Starter Series iPad Straight-Read Prompter

  • A complete hardware package enabling you to turn an iPad or iPad mini into a straight-read teleprompter (iPad not included).

  • iPad slots into a custom-made mounting plate to hold it securely in position. This mount can be fitted in landscape or portrait mode.

  • iPad is positioned above the lens via a small magic arm that attaches to the hot shoe of an ENG style camera and allows you to position the iPad directly above the lens or to the side

  • Designed to be used with the teleprompting software available for download from the App Store. Please note that this software is not designed or licensed by Autocue or QTV.

  • Weight: 700g (1.5lbs)

  • Our very own iPad Teleprompter App to make the most out of your prompter

  • iAutocue is a game changer for prompting short pieces to camera in the field. It allows you to send wireless video from an iPad to an external teleprompter monitor, thus using the iPad as an edit workstation, a prompt preview and a scroll control for the teleprompter. It also includes a “rehearsal mode” to record yourself practicing, as well as an unrivalled number of fire share methods and scroll control options.